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From apprentice to hero

Young Link is the main character in this tale. While he dreams of being a master train engineer, this adventure has something much more epic in store for him!

Character: Link

Princess Zelda

That’s the spirit

The poor Princess has suffered an out-of-body experience at the hands of those seeking to ressurect the Demon King. That won't stop her from helping Link while in spirit form.

Character: Zelda

Chancellor Cole

What’s under his hats?

The pint-sized Cole is a bigwig in Princess Zelda's castle, but his lofty intentions seem less than benevolent. What is he up to?

Character: Chancellor Cole


Divine powers, dark intentions

The tall and mysterious Byrne wields an otherworldly strength that rivals even that of the spirits. He'll be a formidable foe for Link and Zelda.

Character: Byrne


From the right side of the tracks

Wise and ancient, Anjean guards the Tower of Spirits, and provides Link with important guidance throughout his journey.

Character: Anjean


The strong, silent type

Tall, menacing phantoms patrol the Tower of Spirits, and can be quite a handful if you're not prepared with a collection of Tears of Light. Subdue them with said tears, and the phantoms can be possessed by Zelda's spirit to do your bidding.

Character: Phantom

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