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How to Play

Adventuring with Link and Zelda

Link and Zelda will learn to team up in new and unique ways for this adventure. Take control of Zelda as she possesses the bodies of massive armored Phantoms in the Tower of Spirits. Once possessed, these Phantoms will follow and do your bidding. Draw them paths to follow, send them to out-of-reach switches, and more. With Zelda and her mystical powers, Link will have the spirits on his side for the challenges ahead!

Link and Zelda

Follow the Leader

While a Phantom will generally follow Link around, you can draw separate paths for it to take. As long as it doesn't hit an obstacle along the way, the Phantom will follow the path you lay out for it. You can even make it stop at any time with a simple tap of the screen.

Screen: Follow the Leader

A Different Point of View

It's easy to switch between Link and the Phantom to see the area from different points of view. The Phantom can reach areas that Link cannot, and vice versa, making team work important in solving the puzzles that lay in wait.

Screen: Link/Phantom Points of View

Call the Phantom

If Link gets seperated from the Phantom, you can call it back to wherever you are with a simple tap of the screen. As long as an obstacle isn't in the way, the Phantom will come marching back to wherever Link is.

Screen: Calling the Phantom

Swing your Sword

Use the stylus to control your sword, and take down foes with a variety of skillful strokes. Targeted thrusts, wide slashes, and the dreaded spin attack will keep many monsters at bay.

Link swinging his sword

Play the Spirit Flute

The mystical notes of this flute are known to uncover secrets across the land. All it takes is a blow into the Nintendo DS microphone to play special songs learned during the course of your adventure.

Link playing a flute

Toss the Boomerang

The magic of this boomerang comes from its ability to follow carefully drawn paths. Pots, enemies, and puzzle switches in your way will be no match for it.

Link throwing a boomerang

Wield the Whirlwind

Once you've obtained the whirlwind, gusts of air will manifest with a simple blow into the Nintendo DS microphone. Some foes will feel the breeze, knocking them out of harm's way. Even puzzle solutions may be revealed by a targeted gust of wind from this powerful tool.

Link summoning whirlwind

All Aboard!

Prepare to travel far and wide in your trusty Spirit Train, as you work to restore the Spirit Tracks across the land. The journeys across the countryside are fraught with obstacles—from cows and other trains to monsters and pirates. Be sure to upgrade your train along the way by trading treasure and uncovering new parts found in remote corners of the land. Your run-of-the-mill vehicle will become an adventuring powerhouse as you progress!

The Spirit Train

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